JPK Hard Gold solution 1 litre (4 grams per litre)

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1 litre bottle of JPK Hard Gold Plating working solution with a gold concentrate at 4 grams of gold per litre. (NOTE: Other working solution sizes and gold concentrations are available on request, please forward an enquiry through our “Contact Us” link). Complete JPK Hard Gold Plating Kits are also available upon request.

JPK Hard Gold process is a cobalt hardened acid gold electrolyte system which produces high quality gold coatings of 99.0% purity. It creates a hard mirror bright gold deposit of approximately 20-22 Karat to any desirable practical thickness.

JPK Hard Gold as it is called, is what is referred to as “hard gold” which is essentially completely different from our other gold plating options Jane Gold – 18ct, 24ct or Rose Gold, which are all what is referred to as “soft gold”. JPK Hard Gold is designed for high wear situations and is generally what is plated onto professional jewellery items such as rings, bracelets, chains, watches etc.

JPK Hard Gold is predominately used to produce a high-quality desirable finish on personal effects. However, it has a contact resistance of 0.3 milliohms and is often applied to provide excellent electrical conductivity for many industries. Not only are the electrical properties of gold plating desirable it is also produces excellent results in the following properties; excellent corrosion resistance, excellent solderability, ability to withstand high temperatures and superior wear resistance.

JPK Hard Gold will produce a surface hardness between 170- 200 Knoop.

JPK Hard Gold chemical is sold as a working solution. Therefore, if you have ordered a 1 litre kit, you will receive a 1 litre of JPK Hard Gold working solution. No matter what size chemical you ordered, do not add any more water to the bottle received, it is a ready mixed, working solution.

JPK Hard Gold is premixed at a predetermined grams of gold per litre concentration. When ordering the JPK Hard Gold, you would have requested a specific mix of grams required per 1-litre of working solution. For example, if you ordered a 2-litre working solution, containing 5 grams per litre, you essentially have a 2-litre working solution, containing 10 grams of gold in total.

JPK Hard Gold requires a minimum number of grams of gold concentration per 1-litre working solution, at all times, to ensure it will plate proficiently. The recommended base is a minimum of 2 to3 grams per litre. If your gold content drops below this amount, your plating results may be affected. Once this happens, it will require a top up of gold concentration to be added to your working solution. Contact us to discuss the requirements.

JPK Hard Gold procedure will also require a special grade platinised titanium anode, these can be found in our “Anode” category.

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