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With all Jane Kits products, the key to successful plating is in the preparation of the items to be plated. Parts must be chemically clean. In order to ensure that you get pleasing and consistent results. Jane Kits sell very efficient Cleaner Kits. Thorough cleaning is essential in the preparation of parts prior to electroplating.

Jane Kits recommends and supplies two cleaners to ensure your items to be plated are prepared and chemically clean. These are called Jane Clean and Parts Wash.

If your items to be plated are new or are in good condition a brushing of Parts Wash would be sufficient. If the items are in poor condition, rusty or corroded, hang them in the Jane Clean and monitor them occasionally. Take them out and rinse when they are free of rust or corrosion.


Jane Clean is a powerful rust and scale remover which will clean items showing signs of rust or other corrosion. It is ideal as a preparation for parts before they go into the plating bath. Jane Clean is also great for removing zinc plating. Jane Clean is extremely concentrated and the ideal mix for is 1 part Jane Clean to 5 parts water. Jane Clean can be used neat if required.

NOTE Any items left in a Jane Clean mixture should be monitored regularly. Items left in this solution for extended periods of time will damage the parent metal.


Parts Wash is a very strong cleaner which removes all traces of grease or film immediately before your parts go into the plating bath. Using this cleaner ensures that the parts to be plated are spotlessly clean.
The ratio of Parts Wash to water is not critical, a soapy solution is all that is required. The recommended mix is 1 part Parts Wash to 5 parts water. Parts Wash can be used neat if required.

The best way to clean the items would be to brush them using a toothbrush for small items or a kitchen brush for larger items.

For more information regarding preparation, cleaning or Jane Clean and Parts Wash see PREPARATION AND CLEANING on our website.

Jane Kits have two types of Cleaners available. Jane Clean & Parts Wash

They are available in various sizes and are sold together or individually:

Standard size cleaners – $22.00
(You receive 500 ml of Jane Clean concentrate & 500 ml of Parts Wash concentrate)

Economy size cleaners – $33.00
(You receive 1 litre of Jane Clean concentrate & 1 litre of Parts Wash concentrate)

500 ml Jane Clean – $11.00

1 Litre Jane Clean – $17.00

500 ml Parts Wash – $11.00

1 Litre Parts Wash – $17.00

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