JPK Aqualac 1 Litre

$40.00 Inc Gst

You receive 1 Litre bottle of JPK Aqualac, which is a clear copolymerized acrylic, water-based lacquer used over metal parts to yield a corrosion and scuff resistant finish. It is predominantly used in the final water dip following the application of Jane Kits Black Zinc chromate. This process will eliminate iridescence and can also be introduced across other Jane Kits – Gold Bright, Blue Dip and Olive Drab chromates if desired.

It can also be used as a final clear finish over bright nickel, chromium, brass, zinc plate and zinc diecast. The film is very tenacious and will withstand swaging and cold forming. However, for a more advanced clear protective metal coating Jane Kits Clear Shield is a more suitable option. See our website for more details regarding Clear Shield.

JPK Aqualac is water based and contains no solvents, it is non-flammable and produces no polluting fumes and fire hazards are eliminated. The final finish is stable to light and heat. The finish will also resist corrosive and weathering atmospheres.

The mixing ratio is between 10% – 30% with water. (i.e. 100ml to 300ml Aqualac per 1 ltr water). The JPK Aqualac rinse bath should be run at a temperature between 21 to 49 degrees Celsius. The process is applied by simply dipping the part into the mixed working solution. The part is introduced into the working solution wet, straight after the previous water rinse bath. Move the part around for 10 seconds, remove and shake excess from the part but do not touch it, simply hang to completely dry. Ensure there are no excessive gathering of coating during drying. A periodic shake may be required during this drying process.

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