JPK Anti Tarnish 50ml – Copper & Brass tarnish protector

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JPK Anti Tarnish

50ml bottle. JPK Anti Tarnish is a liquid concentrate, which is added to final water rinses after metal finishing operations to provide temporary tarnish protection for copper and brass. JPK Anti Tarnish prevents tarnishing in moist atmosphere and even if Hydrogen Sulphide is in the air. Thus, parts treated in JPK Anti Tarnish may be stored temporarily before final finishing or other operations.

Another excellent application is the use of JPK Anti Tarnish to enhance the adhesion of dry film photo resist. A short dip and dry will not only prevent the copper from oxidising, but provides additional bonding of the resist.

JPK Anti Tarnish is an organic material. It does not contain chromates, oils or waxes. Therefore, metal finishing after its use may be done with minimum treatment.

Work should be clean and well rinsed before immersion in the final JPK Anti Tarnish dip.

JPK Anti Tarnish is introduced into the final water rinse as follows:

Concentration; 15 ml JPK Anti Tarnish per 1 litre or water

Temperature; 54 – 82°C

Time; 20 seconds – some surfaces will be given maximum protection with an immersion of several minutes.

Concentration should be maintained by additions of JPK Anti Tarnish.

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