Jane Gold 24 carat gold solution 100 ml

$280.00 Inc Gst

100 ml bottle of 24 carat Gold Plating solution plus 50-gram bag of gold conductive salts. These two items are mixed with water to create a 1 litre 24 carat Gold Plating bath. See Jane Gold Plating Kits in the “ELECTROPLATING KITS” category on the home page for more information.

NOTE: Use only deionised, demineralised, distilled or rainwater for mixing with plating chemicals. Do not use tap water.

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The Jane Kits story began when John, a vintage motorbike restorer realised that it would be much more convenient and economical if he was able to plate his own parts in the home workshop. So John decided to source and create his own plating kit and hence Jane Kits was born. John went on to receive numerous awards for his meticulously restored bikes with parts plated using his ingenious new kit.


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