COBALT Nickel & Electroforming Copper 10 litre Kit

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Complete 10 Litre DUAL Cobalt Nickel & Electroforming Copper Kit which includes all items necessary to successfully conduct your own plating. This kit contains plating chemicals which are mixed with water to create 10 litre plating baths in both Cobalt Nickel & Copper (copper electroplate is the chemical required in the electroforming process). It allows the user to Electroform the items in Copper before plating them in a desirable lustrous Cobalt Nickel finish. Once the item has the Cobalt Nickel plate applied it could be left as is or even be Gold Plated, (see JANE GOLD PLATING KITS in ELECTROPLATING KITS on our HOME page for more information). It also includes a laboratory type Power Supply. See the full list of Kit contents and Cobalt Nickel & Electroforming Copper Plating information in the “ELECTROPLATING KITS” category on the home page.

Electroforming is the process of controlling the metal deposit from an anode metal, through the electrolyte solution, onto an electroconductive surface. Basically, a skin of metal is built up, over the applied Conductive Paint, into a rigid structure. This dual kit contains various items including items specific for Nickel plating and Electroforming. (i.e) Conductive Paint for applying to non-conductive surfaces and Copper plating chemicals for applying the base metal to the conductive paint. It also includes the Antiquing Patina solution to assist in producing the ultimate patinaed look and the Clear Shield – Clear Thermoplastic Acrylic Lacquer to lock in the desired look, seal and protect the finished items.

NOTE: Constant movement (not air) inside the plating bath is essential, it enables the chemical to mix and assists with distributing the metal irons around the electroplating bath more efficiently. Jane Kits has a product called an Agitator, which is a small impeller type pump, tested to survive inside the plating chemicals. It is strongly recommended to add an “AGITATOR” to this Kit. They can be found in the “PLATING SUPPLIES” category on our HOME page.

NOTE: The only items you need to supply are a suitable plating container and water to mix your plating chemicals with.

Use only deionised, demineralised, distilled or rain water for mixing with plating chemicals. Do not use tap water!

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