Cleaner Kit – 500 ml

$26.00 Inc Gst

Cleaner Kit 500 ml consists of two separate concentrates. 500 ml of Parts Wash and 500 ml of Jane Clean. These are designed to assist in the preparation and cleaning of your parts prior to plating.

Parts Wash is a very strong cleaner which removes all traces of grease or film and is used immediately before your parts go into the plating bath. Using this cleaner ensures that the parts to be plated are spotlessly clean. It is recommended that this product is used as a final cleaning solution for everything that is to go in the plating or treatment baths (i.e. parts, anodes etc). The suggested method includes; wiring the part up with copper wire, submerge the part in the solution and perform a light scrub of the parts (with a toothbrush or similar) in a shallow plastic container containing the Parts Wash and water mixture. Once this process has been completed water rinse the parts in two separate clean water rinse tanks and then place into the plating bath. Note; during this entire process, do not touch the object to be plated with anything ( contact with fingers, rags, bench etc), hold it with the copper wire the entire time and then wire it straight into the plating bath after the final water rinse has been completed. The ratio of Parts Wash to water is not critical, a soapy solution is all that is required. However, the recommended mix is 1 part Parts Wash to 5 parts water. Parts Wash can be used neat if required.

Jane Clean is a powerful rust and scale remover which will clean items showing signs of rust or other corrosion. Jane Clean is also great for removing zinc plating, chromated zinc, cadmium, galvanising and other surface treatments. It is a multi-purpose acidic based solution that is an ideal tool for assisting in the preparation of items pre electroplating. It is predominantly used in the early aggressive stage of preparation to assist in bring your parts back to bare steel. Jane Clean is extremely concentrated and the ideal mix for is 1 part Jane Clean to 5 parts water. Jane Clean can be used neat if required. As Jane Clean is used at the early stages of preparation and therefore your parts will then continue through other forms of cleaning and preparation prior to going into the plating bath, the original mix can be used multiple times.

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The Jane Kits story began when John, a vintage motorbike restorer realised that it would be much more convenient and economical if he was able to plate his own parts in the home workshop. So John decided to source and create his own plating kit and hence Jane Kits was born. John went on to receive numerous awards for his meticulously restored bikes with parts plated using his ingenious new kit.


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