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3.75 Amp compact Power Supply

$170.00 Inc Gst

This compact adjustable power supply is designed for smaller Kits and is ideally suited to our Gold Plating Kits. The compact power supply is ideally suited for its quality, accuracy, controllability and size. Gold Plating requires a power supply with the ability to be able to accurately adjust the amps or current to suit the amount of output required for the surface area of the object/s in the plating bath at the time of plating. This is the ultimate power source for technicians and hobbyists without much space on their workbench. It has all the features of an exceptionally accurate power source, in a lightweight case barely as big as a multimeter weighing only 400 gms. Digital controls and a large LCD display provide accurate control. The supply can be operated in constant current or constant voltage modes, up to a maximum of 50W. It’s short circuit protected with banana plug sockets for power output, and it conveniently provides two 2A USB charging outlets too.
The maximum current output is 3.75 ampere continuous.

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The Jane Kits story began when John, a vintage motorbike restorer realised that it would be much more convenient and economical if he was able to plate his own parts in the home workshop. So John decided to source and create his own plating kit and hence Jane Kits was born. John went on to receive numerous awards for his meticulously restored bikes with parts plated using his ingenious new kit.


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